Chevron Granny Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern pdf only

Chevron Granny Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern pdf only

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I love the colours of this yarn a great mix of pinks, green, orange, blue and shades in between. It's a heavier yarn than a double knit so has a little bit more weight to it.

The stitch is the ‘granny’ stitch which is groups of 3 trebles but to create the zig zag or chevron effect you need to change the direction of the row. Roughly speaking this is done by placing 3 chains between 2 groups of trebles to make one of the angles. The other angle is made by working 3 trebles together (a cluster) then working the same again with a 4ch gap between. The instructions will explain it in more detail.

The finished size is approximately - size 

Small uses 3 balls of Sirdar Jewlespun 108 x 120cm 

Medium uses 4 balls of Sirdar Jewelspun 108cm x 160cm 

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need: my sample was made using a 7mm hook. if you are a looser crocheter then a 6.5mm or even a 6mm should do the job