Crew neck jumper knitting kit
Rico Creative Melange chunky colour 67
Crew neck jumper knitting kit
Crew neck jumper knitting kit
Crew neck jumper knitting kit
Crew neck jumper knitting kit
Crew neck jumper knitting kit

Crew neck jumper knitting kit

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This is a lovely jumper to make and wear. It uses reverse stocking stitch to make the most of the multi coloured yarn. You only need one size of needles as there is no rib at the hem.

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Circular knitting needles are traditionally used for sock knitting and knitting 'top down' garments (a garment with no side or sleeve seams) where you want to knit a tube. So why use them for a garment of a traditional construction?

I tend to find longer straight needles get in the way and I end up jabbing my fellow settee user. A circular needle is a nylon cable with a short needle attached at each end, typically 4" long. So the important part of the needle is much shorter and easier to use. People get concerned that once the stitches move to the cable part of the needle the stitch will 'shrink' and not move back onto the needle tip when required, do not worry this doesn't happen. So if you've yet to try out a pair why not take the plunge with your needles for this jumper?!

The pattern covers 5 sizes

  • XS 28/30"    around the bust measurement 31 1/2"
  • S   32/34"    around the bust measurement 36"
  • M  36/38"    around the bust measurement 40 1/2"
  • L   40/42"    around the bust measurement 45"
  • XL  44/46"   around the bust measurement 49 1/2"
  • Sleeves are full length


  • Confident beginner


  • Either 7/8/8/9/10 balls x 50g (85m) Rico Creative Melange Chunky,  Composition: 53% virgin wool / 47% acrylic.  Washing: machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.
  • Printed copy of the pattern



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