Knitted cushion cover duck egg colourway
Knitted cushion cover chartreuse colourway
Knitted cushion cover coral colourway
Knitted cushion cover duck egg colourway

Pyramid stitch cushion cover knitting kit

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I love this cushion cover. It took many attempts to get it right but really happy with it now! I had been asked by many knitters if I could create a multi coloured cushion cover for them like the beautiful Catherine wheel stitch crochet cover kit. So I tried many different stitch samples in my double knit cotton but because cotton is so smooth the samples all looked too holey! I had to find a new yarn one with 'haze'. Haze is when a yarn when held up to the light has a slight fuzziness to it. I wanted something with some wool in it but not 100% as this would make it more expensive and obviously something with a good choice of colours as a yarn dyer I am NOT! After much searching I found a lovely wool and acrylic double knitting from Sirdar, and this is what I have used. 

By the way you can buy the kit without the buttons for £15.50

Skill level: Intermediate. 

Kit contains: 5 x 50g yarn - 50% wool / 50% acrylic, 4 x wooden buttons, printed colour instructions. The yarn is machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle. 

You will need: 3.75 or 4 or 4.5mm knitting needles, you only need one pair of these it just depends what your tension is like, yarn snips, sewing up needle, sewing thread and needle to sew on buttons