Making a web site and a new beginning

oh my how tricky...yes very tricky for an old girl who didn't grow up with computer technology! Why am I blogging about making a web site well because it's been part of my journey and the reason why you are now able to see the lovely knittey and crochetey things I have put together for you to get excited about and maybe at some point might buy!

I'm not new to making web sites, well that's not strictly true. The last two web sites I had for the shop Knit One were designed by two different web site designers and all I needed to do was add the content.

Just add the content...ha ...that sounds very simple doesn't it but there are countless steps involved in adding just one item! Gathering all the information, taking photographs and making sure they are all the same size and 'look' similar, formatting the copy, making sure that copy for each item is written and laid out exactly the same way, it's a huge job but at the end of the day it's all about time and commitment.

This site presented different challenges. Although the site has been made using a Shopify template I have had to find my way thru all the techy stuff and I don't do instructions very well!! I'm the person who opens up a new electrical item and WILL NOT read the instruction manual cos it's double dutch! I always think techy things are written by tech people who haven't been on the other side of the tech void! They assume too much knowledge!  I'm in my comfort zone when looking at lovely yarn, inspiring colours and dreaming up new things to knit or crochet. 

One of the issues I have with working on online is when I get stuck or hit a problem that doesn't make sense one of the solutions lies at the end of a phone with a call centre. I don't think I'm on my own here?! I find so many call centres manned by people who don't have a good depth of knowledge and that's after you may have spent 5 minutes or so clicking through automated messages to find the right person to help. So I was super delighted when after a day or two of avoiding calling Shopifys' call centre with a small list of queries the first time I called them. The call was answered straight away and the person was SO helpful and gave me so much confidence with what I had done and patiently talked me through my queries which took 50 minutes and it's no coincidence that they are called Gurus! By the way if you are thinking of creating your own website I can not recommend Shopify highly enough!

I really hope you like looking through my products, colours and ideas. Please let friends of yours know about what you have found word of mouth counts for so much. If you want to contact me please email on