Spring is Here - March 2021


Welcome to my March 2021 Blog 
I'm delighted to say Spring has arrived in my garden
what Spring flowers can you see from your window?



 I truly hope you are all keeping well at this time? It has been so difficult for so many of us during the last year. My thoughts go to those of you who have young children at home and also working from home too, I hope you've managed to juggle your new routine to make it work for everyone and keep sane at the same time. Give yourself a pat on the back. 

But now to look forward. It seems as though there will be a loosening up of the current restrictions, I'm definitely looking forward to March 29th after which we can see up to 6 people in our back garden. The days will be longer by then and fingers crossed the weather a little bit warmer so with the help of a woolly jumper, scarf, mitts and a hot drink we can sit and catch up with family and friends. 

With this date in mind I am really excited to announce that I am planning another Garden Yarn Event. You may have missed the one I hosted just before the second Lockdown last November but it was really well received and I made sure numbers were 2 customers at a time by making it invite only. If you are interested please email me on knitone247@gmail.com. I'm thinking of Wednesday 31st 2021 but until I can see the weather forecast nearer the time it will stay as a provisional date. Apologies if you are too far away to visit but check out my Show Guide 2021 for an event near you or a Virtual one you can take part in at home. 

 Now for some product update. 

I'm also pleased to say that the Patchwork cushion £24 is now back in stock as is the Patchwork Blanket £130. 

You may have missed my lovely new slim Cable Scarf knitting kit just £10 in heaps of colours, great for guys too.

 I am busily working on a new larger than usual baby/toddler crochet blanket. It is using the wave stitch and some super punchy bright primary colours measuring 78cm x 84cm. I'd show you a picture but after my recent Mac software upgrade I find my camera software no longer works on it - this is where I'd put a shrugging shoulders emoji if I could! Isn't it always the way with technology 1 step forward and 2 back...but when it works it makes life so easy so I'm working on fixing it as I type!

Other new products include a new Patchwork blanket that's gone into sample development! Sounds good doesn't it - I've basically finished figuring out the colour layout so now the knitting can commence!

I've also got some other new crochet shawls in the pipeline I'm just waiting on news from my yarn suppliers then I can load them onto the website.

And finally, I shared a picture today on Instagram (give me a follow if you haven't already, thank you) - me showing off a new Hitch Hiker made from a hand dyed skein of yarn. Who is your favourite hand dyer? One of mine is busy dying up some sock yarn for me and it will be on my website very soon. Keep an eye out in my Yarn section

Let me tell you I have been busy and it feels good! I hope you have been busy creating too?


Take care and thank you for reading.
Alison - Knit One Kits designer, creator, web person, packer of orders and everything in between!