Why do knitting kits and crochet kits cost so much?

Well here's the thing, kits don't need to cost so much and definitely don't here at Knit One Kits. 

As you may know I meet many of my customers at Yarn Shows during the year all over the UK. Common comments and indeed compliments are

                         'your kits are such good value' or

                         'you're under pricing your kits' or

                          'what, the pattern is free!?'

How my knitting kits and crochet kits evolved

I need to explain how my kits evolved for it to make more sense! 

When I ran my shop - Knit One in Leicester, we loved selling multi coloured yarns that create such colourful pieces. Frequently people wanted to buy it but there weren't quick easy patterns to use.

That's when I got creative and started writing patterns for 2 or 3 balls of yarn for hats, scarves, cowls. Using stitch books to find inspiration I found it easy to make lots of easy, quick projects and patterns to give away. 

Fast forward to the creation of Knit One Kits. When we decided to close the shop I couldn't give up yarn and woolly things so Knit One evolved into Knit One Kits (November 2019). The website and Yarn shows became my two main outlets.

From my buying days at a large high street retailer I have a keen eye for sourcing interesting product and I wanted to continue showcasing commercially available yarns made by brands such as Lang, Sirdar, Rico and others. So using yarn that someone else has developed, I can focus on developing ideas and patterns to create my kits.

I looked at the market for yarn kits and quickly decided that my kits would be different and cheaper as they wouldn't rely on packaging to present the product. My kit prices only charge you for the yarn, the patterns are given to you for free ;-).  I call them 'deconstructed' kits!

After all all you need is yarn and a pattern to create a lovely blanket, scarf or sweater. When you purchase my kits online or at a show you will get the deconstructed version, balls of yarn and a printed pattern. 

Don't get me wrong I really get that there's nothing nicer than receiving a glossy shiny branded box with branded tissue/stickers inside. But this all costs a lot of money aside from the fact that it uses a lot of resources and subsequently creates waste that might just end up in landfill.

The cost of this packaging will definitely be passed on to you the customer in the selling price of the kit. Printed boxes and tissue would easily add £5 to my selling prices and I don't want to add unnecessary cost when money is already tight for so many of you. 

So other peoples kits do look expensive against mine as they are covering extras like packaging, yarn development, glossy pattern printing, online Google advertising, warehousing and I'm sure lots more hidden costs.

By keeping things simple I can offer you value you for money, I hope you agree.

Gift wrapped

If you would like to send a gift to someone I can pop it in a box with tissue and wrap it with ribbon, just select Gift Packaging at the checkout. The type of box will vary as I source boxes to suit different kits. You can also send a personal note, just email me the details after you have placed your order.

Box showing 3 balls of multi coloured yarn, pair of needles, printed pattern